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Rachel Castrejon


Rachel is a Certified Family Law Specialist who provides individual representation to her clients who are navigating divorce, separation, division of assets, and parenting in separate households. Rachel helps alleviate the pressure of the legal process by being focused on what’s important to the client and by providing a comprehensive approach to resolving disputes.

She is highly experienced in all aspects of family law including complex asset division, division of stock/stock/options/RSUs and other non-cash compensation, high conflict child custody matters, child and spousal support, drafting of prenuptial agreements, and domestic violence restraining orders. Whether litigating, mediating or acting as consulting counsel, Rachel provides superior family law representation to her clients. Rachel also serves the community by acting as a Judge Pro Tem in Family Law Settlement Conferences and as an Interdisciplinary Settlement Conference Panelist in Marin County, helping parties resolve financial and custody issues without going to trial.

Rachel worked for a large firm after graduating from Loyola Law School. Applying the valuable skills and knowledge she acquired while working at the law firm, Rachel decided to open her own law practice. For over 20 years, Rachel has focused her practice exclusively on Family Law because she enjoys obtaining a favorable result for clients with complex divorce, property and custody issues. Rachel’s aim is to guide clients through the legal issues by minimizing conflict and achieving the best result possible. To accommodate the range of needs in family law cases, Rachel provides litigation, mediation, and parenting coordination services in divorce, child custody, domestic violence, child support, spousal support (alimony), and property division cases.


Rachel Castrejon
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