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TMS Mentorship

Nurturing growth and guiding success for aspiring mediators



The mission of the TMS Mentorship Program is to match seasoned mediators who have committed to share their knowledge and expertise with newer members of the profession, or with those thinking about becoming mediators.

The program is designed so that, for a one-year period, a new or would-be mediator has a standing relationship with an experienced mediator.


Mentors are asked to offer mediation shadowing opportunities to mentees, contigent upon the permission of the mediation participants, all the while respecting strict mediation confidentiality. Mentors are also asked to be available for at least two one-hour videoconference or in-person meetings with mentees during the period of the mentorship.

Reading a Book


The purpose of the meetings is to answer questions, offer training and education advice as well as further networking opportunities, and suggestions about how to grow a mediation practice. The time commitment ends up being modest over the period of a year, but the reward in increased camaraderie and sense of community is substantial.

Contact Info

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or being matched with a more experienced TMS member, please contact The Mediation Society at, or Dolores Bastian Dalton at

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