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TMS Membership

Building community amongst practitioners

TMS invites applications from aspiring and experienced mediators.

Annual membership dues are $195, plus a one-time new membership fee of $150.

About Us

TMS is a professional organization for persons interested in and committed to the practice of mediation for resolving disputes. TMS offers a forum for experienced and developing mediators to learn from one another and network, all while enhancing professional skills through mentorship and training. Membership-driven programming focuses on cutting edge issues, skill-building, as well as social events. TMS aspires to advance personal relationships within the mediation community and to highlight the professionalism of our members to both the legal community and the community at large.

Benefits of Membership

  • Educational programs at no cost to members

  • Multiple MCLE accredited events throughout the year at no cost

  • Dinner events featuring recognized leaders in mediation

  • Opportunities to participate as Committee and Board Members

  • Platforms to present educational programs and publish articles

  • Engagement with experienced and well-recognized leaders in Bay Area mediation

  • Access to special professional gatherings and education programs

Afternoon Light


The Mediation Society is committed to supporting and fostering diversity in its membership to include experienced and aspiring mediators of color, women, persons with disabilities and persons of differing sexual orientations and gender identities. We welcome all who are committed to expanding their skills as mediators and promoting equity in the practice of mediation.

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