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Mary McLain


A pioneer of the ADR industry, Mary McLain began mediating and arbitrating disputes full time in 1998. Since then, she has facilitated over 1000 cases. Mary is best known for her ability to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table that have proven to be instrumental for resolving some of the most challenging cases. Working with an array of lawyers, Mary recognizes the cultural, social, and business aspects critical to conflict resolution. She has a unique ability to create safe environments and knows how to manage multiple parties and the variety of conversations occurring simultaneously that work toward the settlement process. A strong proponent of premeditation communications, she comes to the table overly prepared. As an educator, she teaches active listening and with that skill she has a remarkable aptitude for discovering the motivations and hidden aspects of communications. A former trial lawyer who has 20 jury trials under her belt, lawyers appreciate working with Mary because she understands the idiosyncrasies relating to their client obligations, trial demands, and the business aspects of the case.Mary’s practice area expertise includes, but is not limited to, commercial, property, employment, personal injury, debt collection, insurance, family and probate. A business owner of commercial real estate, she understands how the law and businesses intersect. Highly experienced and capable, she is sought after to speak at large legal conferences and events throughout the world. She has also served as an adjunct professor at University of California Berkeley and UC Hastings Law Schools and HULT International Business School.


Mary McLain
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