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Mae Villanueva


Mae has mediated over a hundred litigated cases involving wage and hour claims, employment, landlord-tenant, and civil harassment disputes with the Alameda County Superior Court and her private practice. She started her career in the legal field in 2012. Mae is also a technical expert in wage and hour disputes involving the residential care facility or care home industry. She has many years of experience investigating wage claims, calculating unpaid wages, liquidated damages, meal and rest break premiums, statutory penalties, and accrued interest.

Mae holds a Master’s Degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and has undergone extensive mediation training with Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.  She sits on the Mediation Panel of the Alameda County Superior Court.

Mae is tenacious and will do what it takes to help parties reach their goals. With Mae’s experience and skills, parties can be confident they will have the best chance at reaching a sustainable settlement.


Mae Villanueva
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