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Kathryn Richter


Kathryn Richter is an independent arbitrator and mediator, with over 30 years experience resolving complex commercial, construction, energy, energy, professional liability, real estate, employment, insurance, product liability, personal injury, product design and manufacturing, intellectual property interests, insolvency and tort matters. With a long history as both an advocate and neutral in domestic and international disputes, Ms. Richter focuses on managing the dispute resolution process to limit time, cost, and risk. Kathryn's history as an advocate, arbitrator, mediator, and special master includes resolution of disputes at the transaction, pre-litigation, litigation and appellate stages. With expertise in business and law, she brings a unique understanding of the risk paradigm that garners buy-in and facilitates resolution. Since 1988, Ms. Richter has successfully managed 1700+ high-stakes, multi-party disputes to resolution, with attentive preparation, a proactive style and dedication to the resolution process. Licensed in and admitted to all California courts. Also admitted to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit; U.S. District Court for the Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern Districts of California, the Supreme Court of the United States, and numerous pro hac vice admissions. Ms. Richter is a contributor to the domestic and international ADR communities; she is available for appointment in any location.


Kathryn Richter
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