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Grace Seferian


Grace Seferian is a Program and Construction Management professional, a Mediator, Arbitrator and Dispute Review Board (DRB) professional with over 25 years of construction experience in both the public and private sectors. She runs a construction management consulting business and also practices Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with a focus on construction. She also conducts mediations in other areas such as Business, Landlord/Tenant, Contract and Securities matters.

Seferian serves on several ADR panels such as The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF), Contra Costa County Superior Court of California, Alameda County Superior Court of California, Construction Dispute Resolution Services (CDRS), Alameda County Healthy Homes Department, Caltrans DRB/DRA, Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services (AAMS), and FINRA. She is also an active board member of The Mediation Society and the current membership committee chair.

Seferian holds an Executive MBA degree as well as a Master of Engineering Management degree and is a California licensed Professional Civil Engineer as well as a General Contractor. Seferian received her dispute resolution mediator training at UC Berkeley. She pursues advanced ADR training on an ongoing basis.

Seferian applies her extensive knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law in her daily practice. The combination of her engineering and construction experience proffers her mastery over the building process. With a deep understanding of technical terms, engineering and claims analysis principles, she continues to resolve hundreds of construction disputes and potential claims. Her expertise in construction allows her to easily comprehend and assess obstacles to the resolution of construction disputes, thereby presenting creative avenues amenable to the common goal of opposing parties.


Grace Seferian
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