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Geri Lynn Green


Geri Lynn Green, Esq. provides professional expert neutral services to successfully resolve a wide variety of legal disputes at all stages of conflict, with the goal of avoiding business disruptions and preserving relationships.

Geri’s unique background provides her with a high degree of proficiency in structuring resolutions, and the tactical skills to facilitate communication, build trust, and bridge cultural divides:

  • Mediated over 1000 matters.

  • Experienced and skilled litigator with over 30 years of trial and appellate experience, and over 100 Federal and State trials.

  • Highly trained and experienced in mediation, arbitration, international relations, and cross-border disputes, and in handling matters involving trauma, crisis intervention, volatile emotions, civil rights, and cross-cultural awareness.

  • Longtime Judge Pro Tem and Settlement Hearing Officer; former Professor of Law (evidence).

  • Business owner and operator for over 40 years.

Geri specializes in complex, multi-party matters, including Personal Injury, Coverage, Medical Malpractice, Business/Commercial, Employment, Real Estate, Civil Rights, Family Disputes. Ms. Green is described as a “true neutral” who zeroes in on the strengths and weaknesses of a case with surgical precision. Her straight-forward approach and open-minded pragmatism generates the trust necessary for litigants to entertain the possibility of resolution and arrive at solutions. She is known for settling impossible cases by connecting with litigants and “bringing them on board for the ride.”

Ms. Green’s approach to dispute resolution is shaped by her diverse background – as a litigator representing both plaintiffs and defendants, as general counsel, and her owner/management experience in the hospitality industry. Her commitment to the settlement process is demonstrated by her early immersion in a case and connection with counsel. She works closely with the parties to realistically assess risks and impediments to resolution. Her thorough preparation, exceptional listening skills, and judicious, evenhanded approach leads to creative solutions for intractable problems.

As a Settlement Officer for the Superior Courts of San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, and Contra Costa, Ms. Green has conducted settlement conferences in most areas of the law and gained a reputation as one of the most successful settlement officers serving the Bay Area.

415 982-2600

Geri Lynn Green
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