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Darshan Brach


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a degree from the California Institute for Integral Studies.  I specialize in working with individuals (from young adulthood to full adulthood), couples and groups. 

Born and raised in New Jersey, I earned my undergraduate degree at Oberlin College, where I majored in English and Environmental Studies.  After working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, I attended the University of Oregon School of Law, graduated with a JD, and passed the Bar in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  In 1990, I shifted my career from the law to coaching and mediation, and, more recently, began my therapy practice. My life interest is to work with people on resolving conflict, internal and interpersonal, and finding satisfaction, connection and happiness in their lives.  I maintain a private therapy practice in Marin County and San Francisco. 


Darshan Brach
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