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Dana Curtis


Since 1991, Dana Curtis has devoted her career as a lawyer to helping  parties resolve their disputes efficiently, effectively and  respectfully in mediation. She believes the quality of resolution reached in mediation, and of the mediation process, is as important to the parties as the fact of resolution. Dana's experience includes:

  • Full time mediator since 1991, including four years as Circuit Mediator for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 

  • Wide-ranging subject matter expertise and experience helping parties to resolve thousands of conflicts 

  • Exceptional skill with difficult people and highly emotional situations 

  • Extensive experience in mediation of a broad range of disputes, including business/commercial, employment, partnership, elder (adult family  decisions and elder abuse, trusts, estates and probate) and personal injury

  • Recognized by the Daily Journal as a Top-50 Neutral in California

  • Affordable


Dana Curtis
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