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Victor Schachter


Vic Schachter is the founder and president of FSRI.  He has served extensively as a mediator, and as an advocate representing clients in numerous mediations and arbitrations over his fifty year career.  He has led and participated in rule of law initiatives promoting judicial reform and alternative dispute resolution and judicial case management in India, Brazil, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Republic of Georgia and Malaysia, among other countries.  In collaboration with the High Courts of India, he served as a Project Director for legal reform programs in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Kerala.  In 2008, Mr. Schachter was recognized as a California Lawyer Attorney of the Year for his service in judicial reform, rule of law and mediation building.  His work has been reported and cited in numerous publications.  Previously he was a litigation partner at Fenwick & West LLP for 17 years, where he was Chair of its Employment Practices Group.


Victor Schachter
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