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Thomas Crosby


Tom Crosby is a full-time mediator with a reputation for fair and impartial treatment of all parties while bringing conflicts to resolution.

Fairness and empathy. Tom creates a safe, facilitative environment and engenders trust by all parties with his calm, patient demeanor. Always well-prepared and empathetic, he ensures both sides feel heard and understood in order to remove any emotional impediments to a resolution. He asks the right questions necessary to re-frame issues, uncover difficulties, and help clients more objectively understand the strengths and weaknesses of both their own and the opposition’s cases. He respects the attorney’s role in representing his or her clients, and he strictly upholds the confidences of both attorney and client.

Tom stresses honesty, integrity and open communication during the entire process of mediation. Clients invariably trust him to be unfailingly fair and unbiased, working with both sides toward successful conclusion of even the most complicated and contentious negotiations.

Experience and trust. Tom spent several decades as a trial attorney. His past experience in civil litigation enables him to absorb facts quickly and understand complex legal issues. Following more than 35 years as a civil litigator on both sides of the aisle, Tom left his litigation practice to work solely as a mediator.

Working throughout Northern California, Tom has built his practice through referrals and repeat business, as attorneys and clients alike value his truthfulness, tenacity and proven ability to resolve difficult disputes successfully.


Thomas Crosby
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