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Rachel Ehrlich


With a multi-faceted career spanning work as a casualty and coverage attorney, insurance claims person, underwriter, and executive, Rachel brings a well-rounded perspective to all of her mediations. She has worn many hats in the dispute resolution process including serving as a decision-maker, mediator, counsel of record, party representative, plaintiff, and insurance executive with final settlement authority. This breadth gives her a deep understanding of the factors that motivate the parties involved to settle their cases. In the mediator role, Rachel is adept at building rapport with both sides through candid communication. Her expertise in property, liability, automobile coverage, regulatory compliance, and good faith claim handling has been particularly beneficial in working through insurance-related matters.

An attorney stated, “Thanks to Ms. Ehrlich's Herculean and masterful travails to get this thing settled. She crafted the perfect approach to eradicate all impediments to settlement, something I truly did not believe could happen. Obviously, I’ll put her on top of my Best Mediators List.”


Rachel Ehrlich
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