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David Meadows


David J. Meadows has encountered unique disputes in his extensive experience of conducting over a thousand mediations. He firmly believes that each case should be approached differently, requiring a flexible style that considers the specific dynamics of the individual situation. In his mediation work, he often encounters disputes that involve overlapping subject matter categories.

For instance, in one particular case, he mediated a dispute involving a partnership agreement, a commercial lease, and allegations of battery within the parties' relationships.

In the realm of employment cases, David J. Meadows has seen complexities that include issues such as nonpayment of wages, bonuses, or commissions, counterclaims for misuse of trade secrets, establishment of competing businesses, and accusations of embezzlement or misrepresentation of profits to inflate bonus calculations.

Some mediations even demand separate sessions within one "side" to foster constructive negotiations.

Partnership, Corporate Board, and Family Disputes present a different set of challenges, often involving complex relationships.

Resolving these disputes requires a comprehensive understanding of each claim and its impact on the others, as well as an appreciation of the emotional and non-legal aspects influencing the conflict. David approaches these discussions with persistence, guiding the parties toward a resolution. While David cannot disclose the specifics of any mediation due to confidentiality obligations, he is open to discussing his overall experience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him.


David Meadows
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