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Bob Blum


Bob has facilitated resolution of conflicts as a mediator, a partner with major law firms, a senior HR consultant, in-house counsel and counsel to a Congressional committee. He has mediated diverse, complex cases including employment, employee benefits, disability, business contracts, technology, real property rights, public land use, real estate, and construction.

In all cases, the key has been to clearly understand the parties’ real interests and with that understanding help them find basic common ground. Often more than money is involved. Different views on reputations, financial and other future interests, status, jobs, family and health can drive decisions. And, of course, important principles can be at stake.

A critical part of Bob’s work is to listen carefully and dig out the real dispute and the parties’ base line goals. Then he can help the parties understand the options, find common ground and help them move toward resolving their issues in a practical way.


Bob Blum
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