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Art Eidelhoch


Art has devoted tens of thousands of hours over three decades to the practice of employment law, giving him a substantive expertise that few can match. For nearly a decade, Art has been successfully applying this employment law experience as a mediator. Art’s experience and expertise enable him to focus on the key facts and legal principles and to recognize how employment disputes are likely to fare at trial, which Art uses to help the parties evaluate risk and options and to reach successful settlements.

Extensive Preparation

Art recognizes that each case is unique and that to be truly effective he must understand the facts, positions, and interests of the parties, as well as the applicable legal principles. Art appreciates thorough, well-crafted mediation statements supported by relevant documents, but that is just the starting place. After carefully reviewing the parties’ statements, Art will conduct a pre-mediation call with counsel for each side to discuss the case. As appropriate, he may also further communicate with counsel before the mediation to ask questions, gather information, share his thoughts, and more. These pre-mediation communications promote clarity and help focus the key facts, issues, and interests which leads to a more efficient and effective session and, ultimately, an increased likelihood of settlement.

Calm and Steady with High EQ

Art appreciates the passion that so commonly exists for litigants in employment cases. Strong emotions naturally result from the amount of time people spend working and how people often define themselves by their work. Hurt feelings, high emotions, and shattered expectations are real, and impact the mediation process. Art’s kind demeanor and emotional intelligence enable him to skillfully navigate these intense feelings and authentically direct them in productive ways.

Builds Connections and Trust

Art has a warm and engaging personality that enables him to naturally build personal connections. Art’s calm, optimistic and confident style fosters trust and credibility with lawyers and, just as importantly, with their clients. He is a curious and active listener who genuinely hears and respects the parties’ concerns and goals. An effective and persuasive communicator, Art is thoughtful and creative in his approach to resolving disputes.

Effective and Determined

During his thirty years practicing law, Art’s reputation on both sides of the “v” was that of a practical, fair-minded and skillful advocate, advancing his clients’ interests forcefully, tirelessly and ethically – talents he now uses to resolve disputes. He is passionate about his work, and deeply believes that settlement is preferable to litigation. Art does not give up. His pursuit of a settlement begins well before the actual mediation session and he works tirelessly throughout the mediation. If a case does not settle at the mediation itself, Art will remain involved for as long as there is some hope of resolution.

Ultimately, Art’s subject matter expertise, excellent people skills, and tenacity set him apart as a successful mediator.

Art Eidelhoch
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