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Newsletter Archive

Summer 2017 Newsletter

June 14, 2019

At our annual retreat the TMS Board and Past Presidents discussed and decided upon implementing formal policies on diversity within the organization as well as creating an Emeritus category of membership to recognize our most longstanding members.

Winter 2018 Newsletter

January 4, 2018

Please join your peacemaker friends and colleagues to celebrate the teachings and accomplishments of luminary peacemaker Dr. Martin Luther King.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

August 10, 2018

TMS offers the finest non commercial assembly of mediators in the Bay Area. Members enjoy frequent educational and social programs before work, during lunch and in the evenings.

Winter 2016 Newsletter

December 6, 2016

We are pleased to welcome Hon. John True as our newest Board Member in The Mediation Society.

Fall 2017 Newsletter

October 13, 2017

Remembering Our Roots as Mediators. The beginning of my transition from successful litigator to full-time mediator nearly ten years ago was fraught with fear and trepidation. Would I be as successful at mediating as I was at litigating?

Summer 2017 Newsletter

June 1, 2017

TMS is accepting requests for new Board Members! If you are interested in joining The Mediation Society Board of Directors, please reach out to Malcolm Sher with your bio and resume.

Spring 2017 Newsletter

February 17, 2017

The Section of Dispute Resolution of the ABA is hosting its 2017 conference in San Francisco April 19-22 and all TMS members are invited to attend, whether or not you are a member of the ABA.

Summer 2016 Newsletter

June 1, 2016

We are proud to announce we have a new website -- our revamped TMS Site should be live in Q3! The site will have a different look and feel.

Spring 2016 Newsletter

March 1, 2016

We've had a great start to the year with our annual dinner honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., and some well-attended morning roundtables and lunchtime society sessions.

Meeting Minutes

2017 TMS Retreat

May 12, 2017

Every year, the current Board and Past Presidents of the Board gather to discuss the mission/vision and any pressing issues in the organization. We decided to share a summary of our discussion with the full membership to give you an overview of what our organization is doing to serve our members.

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