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Susan Feder


Susan has been a full-time mediator since 2010. She uses insight and intuition to bring a fresh and creative approach to reaching settlement. Before becoming a mediator, Susan was a business litigator with an international law firm, practicing in-house as litigation counsel for a large national bank, and since 1985, has closely followed personal injury cases of all types. Susan has a natural ability to read people and can skillfully uncover the real issues fueling the dispute and redirect the parties toward settlement

She is bright, tenacious, and hardworking, and has mastered the art of follow-up to achieve resolution. One attorney commented that her "expertise, intelligence, humor, and commitment were the key to bringing both sides together in what seemed like an impossible feat." Susan guides the negotiation with empathy and exhibits genuine care and concern for the embattled parties. When not mediating privately, Susan assists the burdened Court system by settling cases of all types and works with schools and parents to resolve educational conflicts. 


Susan Feder
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