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Daniel Riviera


Daniel Riviera, principal of Riviera Law and Mediation, is a lawyer and mediator, practicing primarily in the area of family law. He also mediates in the areas of business, employment, intellectual property, and entertainment.

Daniel’s practice emphasizes the consensual resolution of conflict. He has employed his superb analytical, organizational, and communication skills; sensitive and empathetic personality; natural leadership qualities; and strong service ethic to settle more than one thousand disputes. Daniel is known for his incisive, focused style, and his ability to guide to resolution, for a wide range of parties, entrenched conflicts involving complex factual, legal, and emotional elements, and high financial and personal stakes.

Daniel’s objective is to assist parties, who wish to avoid the expense, unpredictability, and high emotional cost of litigation, through a consensual dispute-resolution process which prioritizes transparency and the full exchange of information; thorough and deliberate consideration, taking into account both the short and long-term interests of the parties; and understanding and compassion.

Daniel provides services as a mediator, collaborative attorney, and consulting attorney. You can learn more about these formats, and consider which may best meet your needs, here. Occasionally, when circumstances necessitate such an approach, Daniel renders litigation services, usually limited to the resolution of specific issues.

Daniel works with parties located throughout California. He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Daniel Riviera
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