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Cynthia Remmers


Cynthia has practiced as a mediator and arbitrator for over 25+ years (full-time since 2008; part-time from 1990-2000.)

She has mediated over a thousand cases with a consistent success rate well above 90%, arbitrated scores of cases as a AAA arbitrator, and investigated, or supervised the investigation of, hundreds of workplace claims. Cynthia’s experience includes matters brought as individual, class, collective and multiple-party actions covering the full range of employment-related subjects as well as many compliance, intellectual property and business disputes.

Cynthia has handled the full range of employment matters, including those involving issues such as wage and hour, discrimination (all protected classes, including medical leaves, disability accommodation, sexual and other forms of harassment), retaliation, wrongful termination, whistleblowing, ethics, compliance, privacy, defamation, false imprisonment, assault, battery, fraud, unions, mergers and acquisitions, reductions-in-force, and equity/benefit programs.


Cynthia Remmers
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