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Claudia Viera


Mediation. Since 2001, Claudia Viera has mediated nearly a thousand tough legal disputes, including employment, contract and business disputes. She works actively with both attorneys and parties to help them achieve a better resolution than either side would achieve in court. Ms. Viera also represented plaintiffs in harassment cases and uses her understanding of the complex dynamics on both sides of the table to resolve cases. Her more than 15 years as a mediator enhance her risk analysis discussions which helps create early opportunities for settlement.

Employment Expertise. Ms. Viera honed her skills as an employment attorney with Littler Mendelson, a global labor and employment law firm. Ms. Viera continues to give trainings on cutting-edge employment law topics, harassment prevention and mediation and communication skills. Her experience as a workplace factfinder/investigator enhances her skills as a professional neutral, and ensures a fair and balanced approach to her work as a mediator.

Multi-Cultural Competence. Ms.Viera mediates in Spanish and English. She studied comparative international law for a semester in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She also lived for years in foreign countries - Spain, Germany, The Czech Republic, Britain and Guatemala. Those experiences abroad make her an excellent choice to mediate cross-national disputes and give her an ability to connect with diverse parties in mediation. Ms. Viera also has extensive experience with pre-litigation disputes in workplaces and among co-owners or business partners.

Flexible Approach. Ms. Viera is flexible and is known for her patience and excellence in resolving high-emotion conflicts.


Claudia Viera
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